Okinawa is the prefecture of the subtropical climate which is composed of about 360 islands and is mild annually with 22℃ of mean-air-temperatures.

Coral reefs are developed for Okinawa main island at the prefectural capital to be largest as 1207㎢ while being total area 2281㎢ and to surround the island.

Here, We introduce diving at Okinawa mainly in the sea in Onna-son which is situated at the center of Okinawa main island .

Okinawa Diving Sites

Cape Maeda

The place where the fish gathers because the ocean-current bumps an overhanging cape. Because there is a famous blue cave, it is an at any time of the year around bustling place.

Yamada Point

The boat point in 5 minutes from the Maeganeku-harbour. The countless fish gathers to the underwater reef where fish live of the coral.

Blue Cave

The wave erosion cave as much as the 50 meter length. You can come by the snorkeling or diving. The boat tour is a recommendation because the scaffold is bad.

Tancha Point

The boat point in 10 minutes from the Maeganeku-harbour. The clarity isn't good but an uncommon fish is seen.